Need via webhook to send HTTP request to MQTT broker

Hello everyone,

I am a working student, and this is for my work, I will not be able to give more details on our choices, for confidentiality, thank you for your understanding.

I’m not a professional of Grafana at all, I’ve only used it a few times, so if I make a mistake don’t hesitate to correct me as long as it’s instructive.

Here’s my problem, I’m currently looking to transfer data via alerting using a webhook as a basic webhook would be too simple :slight_smile: personally I will need to transfer datas directly to a MQTT Broker but the webhook makes an HTTP Post request, so the broker cannot receive the data as it is not the same communication medium.

I looked for different ways to transform the message format and potentially found 3 solutions:

  • code my API, receive the data, transform it and send it back
  • use Node-Red to receive and transform the data and send it back
  • I suppose that with Telegraf this is possible but I haven’t dug into it yet

It would be too “simple” this way, so we would like if possible none of the solutions mentioned, we would like a solution that requires no installation or the lightest possible, the best would be a possible solution using Grafana is it possible?

Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need more information

Welcome @cedricletalleur1999 to the Grafana forum.

Is there any reason you are not pursuing the Node-RED solution? It’s an extremely lightweight and dependable program that can run almost anywhere, is easy to get started with, is easy to debug, etc. If there is a perceived limitation to this method, what is it?

I guess that If you don’t want to install anything else you could do it through telegraph, I mean there are http listeners plugin as input and this output plugin: telegraph

In my opinion @grant2 is right, Node-RED is a powerful tool to do everything you need in-between.

We have not perceived any limits, only we explore all possible solutions, and if possible with the least possible installations because our solution will possibly be replicated and we try to make the installation procedure of our solution as simple as possible :slight_smile:

PS: Our solution is not only about what I mentioned and requires a more or less heavy installation, we try to optimize as much as possible

For Telegraf I am aware that this can be done, as I mentioned above. But I’m looking for a way to bypass the HTTP format of Grafana’s webhook by Grafana