Need to remove time and stdout from of loki logs which is being added by fluen-bit

my logs is as follow which i am getting from fluent-bit 2023-07-12 21:05:51.548
2023-07-12T15:35:23.553794785Z stdout F {“tenant_id”:“6339738”,“Category”:0,“HostName”:“config-server-55f9d7dc7f-pc5dq”}

The problem as this is not a proper json so loki is not able to create labels from my other log message i have used crio filter which is not working

What does you log pipeline look like? Are you sending directly from fluent-bit to Loki? Fluent-bit to promtail then to Loki?

I am able to remove it with regex .Thanks

Hi @pankaj0692 can you pls share parser config with regex on how this got removed? If possible pls share all fluent bit configurations such as input,output,filter,service…I require urgent help.

This help?