Need template variable to store result of a query to be used to feed all the panels


I like a lot the Template Variables feature and I would like to use it to get all datas for my panels in a single query (I can do that with Warp10) and store it into a hidden $data variable. But it seems impossible to achieve yet because the result of the query is processed to create a list of result to be displayed.

  1. Am I wrong and is there already a way to avoid the processing of the result?
  2. If not, where can I submit this feature request?

Thx in advance.

Not sure what your trying to do.

Template variables are for selecting values by the user to create dynamic dashboards. Not for storing hidden data.

I have complex dashboards with same (big) data requested by several panels, including table panels aggregating many metrics. This is not a typical system monitoring use case. So, yes, I need a variable acting like a cache system, similar to template variables (using them), to avoid repeating requests. With Warp10, I can retrieve an arbitrary data structure.

If Grafana would add the option to not post-process the query result, it could be used to do that.

Another use case would be to store a shared Warp10 filter and use it in all panels.