Need help to invoke bat file from simplepanel.tsx

I am new to grafana so needed assistance in plugin development.

I have a button in plugin panel developed by me , on clicking that button i need to invoke bat file .

So can someone help me out with the solution?


That’s tricky.

The short answer is: You can’t. The panel plugin is running in the browser, so you’d have to make a request to the server to do this.

The long answer is: You could if you have to build a data source plugin with a backend. The panel would make a request to the data source plugin (in the browser), which then forwards the request to the backend.

Thanks marcusolsson, your message was really helpfull for me.

actually i am working on a requirement where as show in the above screenshot , when i click on button displayed in the panel space i need to invoke bat file to install some prerequisit. Can you suggest how can i proceed?