My Grafana is high memory after install Loki

Hi, I have promoted Loki on the Grafana server but got an issue high memory and I followed as below configuration.


hi @enggal17

Where are you running loki and what kind of computing power can loki access?

Hi @mattabrams,

I installed loki and promtail on my grafana production server, is there any memory requirement on the server/vm? if yes, how much minimum memory should be used?


Here are some useful resources, @enggal17

How many queriers are you running? Are you running the compactor?


actually… are you running this in single monolith mode? You’re going to run into a lot of problems that way with large searches, plus it doesn’t activate the compactor in that mode.

If you are running Loki at scale then maybe consider one of Grafana’s cloud-based solutions like Grafana Enterprise Logs