Multiply Values from inifinity json


I am using Grafana v10.4.1 (d3ce857c0e) for Windows.

I read an JSON API with the infinity-plugin. The reading of the data works well.
But It does not have the correct unit I need to display. This could be solved by
multiplying the value by an factor of 4.


My value is 100 - it should be 400.

My Data is just timestamp and value.

I tried using transformation, but could not multiply by an constant.
I tried expression Math → But dont know how to change just the values.

Thank you!

in the transformation you can type the value you want and press enter:

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Wow… I let me iritate by the dropdown, didnt try to just type… thanks!

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Yes As @sowdenraymond mentioned, you can use transformation. But if you prefer to do within infinity you can do this by one of the following methods. ( doing within infinity will help in other backend contexts such as alerting ). Example given here

Backend with JSONata expression

     "name": $,
     "salary": $person.salary,
     "expected_salary": $person.salary * 4

Backend parser with computed columns