Multiple graphs - same colors

I have a dashboard showing a few parameters from some remote sites.

All of the panels are using the postgres source, all of them are using hostname as metric and all of them are sorting the data on time and hostname. So I would assume the sites in the legend to be sorted
arc is37-lte nao[-lte] nb2[-lte] nbo[-lte] nc2[-lte] nc3[-lte] nc4[-lte] nc6[-lte] stendammen-lte, but they aren’t. Are there any way I could force all the sites to sort the same way and thereby get the same colors on the lines (in this case eg nao, nao-lte and nao-asa are all the same site) I know there are some difficulties with sites not beeing in all the panels, but I can rename them so all the sites differing sites sorts of at the end,