Multiple entry of pods come in container page after pod restart

  1. Go to PM UI and on container page.

  2. Select the namespace of your setup.

  3. Click on pod, you will see 1 pod each say (FE master pod, P1 ,collector, distributor and so on).

  4. Now you delete 1 pod . once the pod come up with different name.

  5. Now you see 2 pod (1 is new and another is old one).

  6. if we repeat the step 4 and 5 immediately the you will see 3 entries of pod.

  7. old pods which doesn’t exist also shows in grafana UI and is not removed.

  8. After sometime say 10-15 min if we refresh then the old pod goes from grafanaUI.

    Once the pod is deleted from the backend , grafana UI should only show the latest one immediately.