Multi-frame Time Series switch order on each update

I am using a “Source panel” with this query, containing all the data I need for the other panels:

    $timeSeries AS t,
    SUM(_sample_interval * double1) / SUM(_sample_interval) AS clients,
    SUM(_sample_interval * double2) / SUM(_sample_interval) AS maxClients,
    SUM(_sample_interval * double3) / SUM(_sample_interval) AS cpu,
    SUM(_sample_interval * double4) / SUM(_sample_interval) AS memory,
    -- and others
    blob1 AS name

WHERE $timeFilter AND index1 IN ($serverId)
GROUP BY name, t
ORDER BY name, t

Resulting in a table like this:

In another panel, I’m using as “Data source” the previous panel. I’m then using 3 transformations to plot only the data related to the “memory” column.

The “Source panel” data is ordered by name (DE_01, DE_02, IT_01…) and I would like to keep the order in this new panel.

What is happening instead is that each time the data changes, the plot order (and the labels order alike) changes depending on the time of the first rows, instead of the name.


The order is wrong (IT_01, DE_02…) and changes each time the data changes.

I have tried adding a “Sort by” transformation, but the “name” column is already sorted correctly.

Is there a way to keep the alphabetical order of the column “name” using the Source panel?

bump please, I can’t find a way to visualize the query