[Trend Panel] Values must be in ascending order

Hi! On Grafana 10.2.2, how can I use the Trend Panel with a super simple Prometheus query like this, that returns multiple data series?


This query works great in time series graphs or tables, for example.

When I set this panel initially to Trend, I get the error:

Only one frame is supported, consider adding a join transformation

So then I create a Join by field with Mode = OUTER (TIME SERIES) and Field = time.

Now, the time series panel is still working, and the table view is showing all fields on the same table instead of displaying a dropdown at the bottom, which I think is what we want. However, when I go back to the Trend Panel, I now am getting this error:

Values must be in ascending order

This is where I’m stuck. I’ve tried to add another Sort by transformation by Field = Time, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Is anyone with experience using this panel willing to help me out here? Thanks!