MSSQL Metric Monitoring with Telegraf V2 and InfluxDB


new to Grafana, and have been creating some dashboards from telegraf/influxdb collected data from the SQL Server Input V2. Plugin

Things like Server properties and Wait stats are colelcted and cna be viewed happily in Grafana, but I do not know how to collect the additional metrics such as:

“The following metrics can be used directly, with no delta calculations”:

  • SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Buffer cache hit ratio
  • SQLServer:Buffer Manager\Page life expectancy
  • SQLServer:Buffer Node\Page life expectancy
  • SQLServer:Database Replica\Log Apply Pending Queue
  • SQLServer:Database Replica\Log Apply Ready Queue

Has anyone started to use this metrics, and if so, can someone please steer me in the right direction as to how to access them.