Monthly bar graph

i am using grafana v 9.1.6

I have monthly bar graph something like this :

can you help me to change the value in the red circle into month-year format? like Dec-22
here’s my query

  MONTH(DATEADD(SECOND, time, '1970-01-01')) as time,
  STDEV (E_CC14) AS CC14
WHERE $__unixEpochFilter(time)
GROUP BY MONTH(DATEADD(SECOND, time, '1970-01-01'))
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This is not really a grafana question, but more of a sql question

I would ask it in the following forum

okay, sorry about that

because in my table, the value of month already changed to 12, but in grafana just showing the hour


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That is because you have selected Format As Time Series

@andreapraja11 Have you explored using a custom unit override, for example, like this?

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I see you found an answer here

yes, thanks for recomend the forum

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