Monitoring query postgresql with TIG Stack


Last week im trying using aws. On AWS im using one EC2 as server frontend, application, asset and one RDS for database. On AWS they have Performance Insight on RDS server, so we know what query that most take long time to process.

example just like this ↓

So, i want to ask. Right now i have TIG Stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB & Grafana) on my onprem server. Then, i want to monitoring query from postgresql that running on other server (lets say frontend and database in one server)

How do i start with tig stack? Things that i already did:

  • Install telegraf on target server
  • Already collect metric on target server for monitoring usage cpu, memory etc
  • Trying import dashboard monitoring postgresql (dont work)


Can you expoubd a bit nore on: dont work

im using this dashboard, and cannot collect metric