Monitor sqlite database

Hello all,
Newbie in Grafana and want to check how to work with sqlite database with .sq3 extension.
Thank You


Do I understand you correctly that you want to use sqllte database as datasource in Grafana?


Hi mefraimsson,
Yes, exactly, I want to collect SNMP data into sqlite database as datasource in Grafana.

Grafana don’t support sqlite as datasource (query and store metrics). However sqlite is the default configuration database for Grafana used for storing dashboards etc.

Possible to implement sqlite datasource as plugin, but you probable want to use something like the simplejson datasource plugin then.

I would recommend you looking into storing metrics is postgres, mysql or mssql database instead of sqlite. Grafana has core datasource support for these. If you have a lot of metrics with high ingestion and query rate you should probably consider a specific timeseries database.


Thanks for reply ~
Time passes, is there anything can deal with sq3 directly?

Not that I’m aware of