Modify run max duration

One of my run is taking longer than the default 10m0s maxDuration, so I’m getting the following warning.

WARN[0630] No script iterations finished, consider making the test duration longer

So, output data generated is not being saved due to this warning.

Is there any flag or options property to set maxDuration ?

Not necessarily - metrics data is generated whenever an event (HTTP request, WS connection, etc.) happens. Even if not a single iteration fully finishes, you’d still likely have some data, though maybe not all of the data you’d want.

Yes, if you don’t use the new k6 v0.27.0 features of multiple scenarios or the new executors in your test run, you can use the script duration shortcut option, via the --duration CLI flag, K6_DURATION environment variable, or duration JS/JSON option. If you use scenarios, you can specify the duration option (maxDuration for the iteration-based executors) in your particular scenario. More details at: Scenarios

@ned @martinrzg i am also getting this issue, how can i load test with parallel user if i am getting this error
Please have your suggestion on this

@prateekhasher did you try the suggestions in my previous response? What were the results and what are your scripts options? We can’t really help you if you don’t give us any information…