Modify CSS/NavBar for Snapshots?

What is the best way to modify the CSS & NavBar for Snapshots?


Bump - any ideas? Thanks!

On your local server or the public snapshot server?

If it is your local server then you can always manually modify the CSS.

Local server.

I am not clear where the snapshots are stored? Will I need to recompile any assets?


Snapshots are stored in the database (SQLite is the default db for Grafana). There are two css files one for the dark theme and one for the light theme. You can edit them directly and skip the sass build step.

Ok, so grafana.light.css & grafana.dark.css under public\build can be edited, and the changes will take effect without any further building, etc?

Edits to these css files will also affect regular dashboards, (ie non-snapshot dashboards), correct?

Correct on both counts.