Mixed datasource Json Api and WebSocket Api - WebSocket Api dont work

Hi. I’m having trouble using the WebSocket Api in a mixed feed. Json API works.
All found solutions failed

  1. What I want to get.
    I want to send message boards to the dashboard, e.g. 100 messages at a time (e.g. information from a certain period, e.g. from the beginning of the day), and then send single messages on an ongoing basis.
    If you have suggestions on how to do this, please let me know.
  2. I thought I would use mixed data source and json Api and Websocket Api.

When I use WebSocet Api as data source everything is fine and working. But when I change to mixed data source and use WebSocket it doesn’t work. The settings are the same.

WebSocket Api DataSource and Mixed datasource

Dashboard - all panels

Please help