Missing a lot of spans on traces

Looking for some help!

I am running a few tests in a development environment. I am exporting both to our old jaeger stack (jaeger collector with UI), but also to the new grafana stack (dotnet → otel exporter → grafana agent → grafana tempo → azure blob storage).

The same trace in our old stack has 115 spans, while on Grafana it only has 8 spans.

I followed this article, but couldn’t find anything broken: Unable to find traces | Grafana Tempo documentation

What I noticed on the missing spans is that they are not generated by the same code flow. For example, an event gets fired and propagated. Then, on the receiver end, we get info from the event to generate an activity context so we can resume tracing the code flow. I initially thought this was a timeout issue, but it takes less than a second for the event to propagate.

It works perfectly on our current jaeger stack, but doesn’t on grafana. Any ideas on what I should look at to understand what is missing?