Minecraft server logs. Alert when any player joins. Name of player in alert possible?


Is it possible to pluck out a string from a log and pass it on to an alert to include it in a notification?


  • Got a minecraft server in docker
  • setup grafana, loki, docker driver, …
  • got logs dashboard
  • got alerts and they work

Now I am wondering if I could get name of a player that joined from the log line in to the alert.

When googling Ive seen people using values of alert expressions in description. But since grafana wont allow other than numeric value to be result of an expressions I cant really have $A be some array of strings that gets converted to single digit number down the line in $B and $C expressions and they be the “alert condition”.

So… is there a way to to get name of a minecraft player that joined the server in an alert?

Or if not, would the change in grafana, where only the “alert condition” expression be subject to various checks on save, solve this and allow users to get strings to alerts?

Anyway, I am just spitballing here, I barely have any idea what I am doing and just trying to google out solutions.

This is what my alert rule looks like