Migration from setEditor to setPanelOptions


I’m using Grafana 7.0.3 for developing my panel plugin and I’m trying to update Grafana to latest version (8.0.3).
I’m actually blocked in migration of the deprecated function setDefaults and setEditor in favor to setPanelOptions, in file module.ts.
So I need community help to resolve this questions:

  1. In new function setPanelOptions, it’s possible to pass 2 o more keys (path option) for change my plugin interface? The best solution for my problem is to pass all interface in order to use the old editor class in the same way.
  2. There are a way to use use the same props present in PanelEditorProps ({options, onOprionsChange, data, …}), by setEditor, in the new setPanelOptions function?

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Hello, if this is still relevant to you, you can try this:

It states how to add a custom editor.