Migration from one datasource to other


I have a Grafana instance with an influxdb as datasource (a very big influx), we need to migrate to another influx for business reasons, and the monitoring tool that is writing all the metrics is going to put those metrics in the new one.

I would like to make this invisible to the users, my solution would be:

  • Keep having the old influx datasource.
  • Create new influx datasource.
  • Use the “Mix” data source in our panels to display the information from both sides.

Is there a way to make this completely invisible to the users? To have the information displayed from both sides?

I would switch monitoring tool that is writing all the metrics to the new InfluxDB instance.
Then I would edit existing InfluxDB datasource in the Grafana and I would point it to new InfluxDB instance → no need to change anything in the dashboard.
Eventually, you can replicate historic data from old InfluxDB instance to new instance, so users will see also historic data before migration in graphs.

hello @jangaraj

So, if I am understanding you:
1- Monitoring tool —> Point metrics to new influx
2- Grafana → Edit current datasource to use new one
— Then they are going to only have metrics from the new source in the meanwhile, so this is not invisible for them
3- The replication? As we are using opensource Influx, I think that thats not possible…

It is possible. Of course you need to make your keyboard dirty = you need yo write code in your favourite language, e. g. select one hour batch from old InfluxDB and insert it into new InfluxDB. You can test speed of this batch insertion in advance and then you can estimate time for whole time range replication, so you can plan accordingly.