Memory increase shardly after deleting chunk files

Loki Version : 2.5.0
Memory increase shardly after deleting chunk files

  • Found many chunk files lay in my disk
  • delete chunks which was expired
  • I run the shell file

date_before=“2023-11-01 00:00:00”
file_list=$(find “$folder_path” -name “$pattern” -not -newermt “$date_before”)
for file in $file_list; do
rm -rf $file

  • chunks file were deleted, and I could query loki fiirstly
  • cuple minutes later, kubectl drop down for out of CPU resource

  • At about 14:26:00, I run the shell and chunks files were deleted successfully. And there was a peak about my CPU resource.
  • At about 14:30:00, I test loki, and make some request for Loki, Loki could query firstly.
  • At about 14:45:00, Loki was down for out of 100% CPU.

I want to know that what made Loki request so much resource about CPU, was the index in Loki cache?

My kubectl cluster restarted and everything was right after that.
I want to know what Loki do after I deleted chunks files