maximum of series (500) reached for a single query

When I run a query on Grafana,the results cannot turn out,but show the alert:maximum of series (500) reached for a single query
Is there anywho can tell me how to fix it

@absoultdev, can you share more about the datasource you’re querying or include a screenshot of the query that shows the datasource and error? some of the errors you might see in a query are returned as the query response from the source and some might come from grafana.

Can you help ? same error


Just go to the loki-local-config.yaml, then find the limits_config configuration.
Then modify this to the limits_config:

   reject_old_samples: true
   reject_old_samples_max_age: 168h
   retention_period: 360h
   max_query_series: 100000
   max_query_parallelism: 2

default value of the max_query_series is 500, so make it bigger as you need.
max_query_parallelism is the max CPU that you can use for parallelism

Fadjar Tandabawana