Mass import dashboard JSONs on the server side

Hi, I have a question… Say I have a 20 Grafana instances (all running on the same server, but on the different port) each of them have about 30-40 dashboards.
I have all dashboards exported as JSON.

When I mass update those JSONs for example 100 files from 5 grafana instances…
Is there a way to mass import them from the server, using some API/command line?

Now I’m just importing them from the UI, but usually changes are small, so importing even 10 dashboards is not that hard, but when I mass update 100 files, iyt would be a life saver to be able to import them automatically somehow…

I was even considering using browser automation/phantomjs scripts to automatic UI clicks, selecting files etc - but I hope there is some better way to do it automatically, avoiding any manual UI work?

There problem occurs when I want to import multiple JSONs on devstats pages:
Or any other:
* and *

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Sounds like you may want to have a look at provisioning introduced in Grafana v5.0.


Hi Łukasz,

Did you manage to upload multiple .json based dashboards by single operation ?

Best Regards, Pozdrawiam,