Marker Animations in Grafana Geomap Dashboard Route Layer

I’m currently using Version 10.2 of Grafana.

I want to create a geomap dashboard where i have pre-calculated latitude & longitude to calculate the route in map in PostgreSQL database.

I have 1 start point & 1 end points & 30 location’s latitude & longitude which defines the route from Start to End Point. Now i want a marker which starts from starts point & goes till end point after going through all the locations.

I’m able to create the route from start point to end point connecting all locations in order from database

I want an animated marker which jumps to next location as the screen refreshes from starts point to end point after going through all locations in order.

Here is the Dashboard screenshot where Green line is the route & Red dot is the precalculated latitude & longitude between start & End point. The Truck is the marker & i want it to move along the red dots as the screen refreshes from start to end point.