Many series in graph?

How would I display several bar series in one graph? I have a PostgreSQL table with datetime, month name, and sales. I figured out how to display monthly sales for a year – looks great. I cannot figure out how to display two or more years in the same graph. I am looking for bars that display adjacent to each other for the same month.

I am also facing issue with this. I am using Mysql, I tried using column name as a metric but it is taking column name as a value instead of taking data of column. below is my mysql query and data. http://localhost/phpmyadmin/tbl_sql.php?db=grafana&table=grafana
Showing rows 0 - 9 (10 total, Query took 0.0104 seconds.) [time: 26235… - 4582…]

SELECT coupanqty as ‘time’, concat("Coupan Number ", coupannumber) as ‘metric’ FROM grafana GROUP BY coupannumber ORDER By time DESC LIMIT 10

time metric
26235 Coupan Number 9914650115001
9886 Coupan Number 9914650041508
7978 Coupan Number 9914650052009
6736 Coupan Number 9914650062503
6384 Coupan Number 9927876172000
5677 Coupan Number 9914650073004
5621 Coupan Number 9900263061804
5392 Coupan Number 9903039944004
4863 Coupan Number 9914650083508
4582 Coupan Number 9906592023100

Thanks & Regards
Ishtiaq Shariff