Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with Grafana?

I develop mobile apps for data collection by barcode scanning on Android, so offline. I have standard and custom apps.

I don’t have favorite databases to store my data, I develop according to them, on demand.

I have an MES app (Production Time Suite: start, end, problem, quantity, reason for interrupting each job in production) whose main job is to analyze the results: average speed, OEE, etc. and I think Grafana can do the job but I never found to solve how.

thank you !


Cool stuff to work on, been hoping to learn Kotlin when I get younger. :wink:

So where is this data being stored at? Is this data coming from the the bar code scanner app?

thanks , I did not say that the data are collected through many terminals, the data are stored via an API of mine in a database (no mater for me : it is up to Grafana for best run after)

:eyes: anyways

What type of database is it? mysql, postgres?

yes if you want, but it is not the question.
The question is what to do with Grafana , which module, etc …

Could be worth looking through the resources by the United Manufacturing Hub:

They have used Grafana, Node-RED, MQTT, OPC-UA etc etc. for building IIoT


very interesting ! they use Grafana Canvas - their tuto is Using Grafana Canvas to build shopfloor dashboards I will study that , thanks !

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I have been using OPC UA , PGSQL and Grafana for building light MES solutions. OPC UA to gather the shopfloor data, PGSQL for storing timeseries database ( with timescale extension) and convert time series data into transactional data and then using Grafana (PGSQL plugin ) for visualization and altering purpose.

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Jeremy, CTO of the United Manufacturing Hub, here. Just found this here by accident and thank you for mentioning us @holoyede1!

@info62dd If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask! We are happy to help you wherever we can.


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