Lucene query issue with es

I want to write lucene query with field like - Full Name:$name
but it’s not acceptable because it contain white space between field (Full Name)
any solution for this one.

Use quotes around variable name in license query

it won’t work see below error message.
“Failed to parse query [“Resident Name”:(“ravi\ gadhadharia” OR “robert\ downey” OR “rushabh\ prajapati” OR “william\ cina”)]”,
i already try this and (Resident Name):$resident also

If you use multi value variable you do not need to quote grafana with do that for you

help me to resolve this issue. i hope you get it what i’m try to saying .
there is whitespace between “Resident Name” .

Yes, that should be no problem, works fine for me, grafana will escape the white space or quote the value depending on the multi value option for your variable.

Check the elasticsearch metrics dashboard on