Loki won't excecute large queries

I have 1 query frontend deployed on a vm with 2 queriers each on a separate vm pulling queries from the frontend. Queries are executed in grafana.

When executing queries (refreshing a dashboard) in a small time-range everything works fine, however at around a 12 hours time-range after a while i’m getting a 502 bad gateway.

Values I tried to edit:

In loki:
query_timeout: 10m
timeout: 10m

http_server_read_timeout: 10m
http_server_write_timeout: 10m

In grafana:
timeout = 600

I’m not sure if this is a grafana or loki problem, but I do think it’s grafana related since the 502 isn’t sent from the query-frontend. The querier-frontend gets a tcp write error.

I was able to solve it, it was a timeout on both ends sometimes Grafana and sometimes Loki,depending on the configurations I changed.

I never ran the configurations at both Grafana and Loki always seeing no affect made me think the configuration is useless, turns out you need all of them.

Hi, @m3r1

I have the same issue, how did you resolve this? Thanks.

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As I mentioned, look at the grafana configuration:


In grafana 8 you can set the timeout from the UI when configuring the data source.

From Loki i’m not exactly sure what fixed this, look into the following querier configuration:



Thank you @m3r1 , it turns out my issue is not just timeout issue, I have performance issues on loki server, I posted my issue here loki crashed for large queries · Issue #4582 · grafana/loki · GitHub.

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what worked for me:

  enabled: true
    querier.query-timeout: 5m
    querier.engine.timeout: 5m
    server.http-read-timeout: 5m
    server.http-write-timeout: 5m


      timeout: 300
    - name: Loki
      type: loki
      access: proxy
      url: http://loki-stack:3100
      version: 1
        maxLines: 2000
        timeout: 300