Loki - query metric for size of tsdb?

Recently started using Loki and Prometheus for some home automation. I want to figure out how much storage is reasonable for 15 - 30 days of stats. In Prometheus there is a metric PROMETHEUS_TSDB_STORAGE_BLOCKS_BYTES that is close to what the file system says is being used in the /data folder. For Loki I’ve looked at the metrics exposed thru /metrics and I don’t see any equivalent for the storage space used. Anyone know a metric in Loki - maybe it’s just the name that I can’t find. My loki config (default from the install) shows the store is “boltdb-shipper” and schema is v11

loki_ingester_chunk_stored_bytes_total looks promising.

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Funny. I had already used the documentation that you linked to find the /metrics endpoint, but then failed to read the metrics that were documented! There are hundreds of metrics at the end point and I had trouble finding what I wanted. But the document only lists a few metrics and those are the really useful ones.

Thanks for doing my job for me :slight_smile: