Loki in a Proxmox LXC on ZFS-Backed Storage: Do I need to adjust ZFS recordsize for best performance?


I’m setting up my first Loki instance after TechnoTim introduced me to it in one of his videos. I think it’ll be the perfect solution for centralizing all my logs; I’m really excited to get started.

I’ll be putting it in a Proxmox LXC container running Ubuntu, on ZFS-backed storage.

I know when I set up my MariaDB database LXC, I had to set the ZFS recordsize to 16k to make MariaDB happy.

Are there any similar ZFS considerations for Loki?

I don’t think there is such recommendation. You do want to make sure to tune your file handler limits, and potentially Loki configuration as well to not write too many files.

Do keep in mind, while running Loki on a file system is a great way to start, if you anticipate any sort of real load it’s probably worth the effort to look into simple scalable mode sooner rather than later. That said, if your use case is small then it’s still a suitable solution.

:slight_smile: Thanks! I’m very, very new to this and just want to centralize my logs from various devices, VMs, and CTs. In particular, I want to write them to a mirrored pair of enterprise SATA SSDs that’s in the computer. I I’m not sure how much traffic my logs will generate–I’m essentially only one person tinkering with hobbyist stuff in my home office–but the enterprise SATA SSD mirror measures its endurance in petabytes.

At the moment, I have logging turned off on several devices where I need logging because their storage is less robust.

Is there an article or video or something you’d recommend to learn about scalable modes? I’m going to start with file system storage, but I want to learn more about when/if I’ll need to change that.:slight_smile:

You can read more about it here: Loki deployment modes | Grafana Loki documentation

If it’s for home lab then single instance on file system should suffice. I had some discussions with other folks who were also running single instance of Loki, and it may be helpful to you (such as Too many outstanding requests on loki 2.7.1 - #12 by tonyswumac and Loki became very slow after upgrading from 2.3 to 2.73 (and only works in certain circumstances)).


I’ve never used Grafana or Loki before.

I’d like to get into using Grafana more generally, as well. Is there a n00b guide somewhere for configuring Grafana separately in bare metal (without docker)? I assume if I do that I could then set up a separate LXC container for Loki and keep them isolated from each other so if I blow up one it won’t take out the other. :stuck_out_tongue: