Loki has a problem with a large amount of logs

Why Loki has a problem with a large amount of logs?
At first I thought Loki would perform better than this because cannot handle 1 millions logs per minute.
I just set only one static label on logs but get this error every time(Time range >=1 hour)

Storage: Cassandra
Deployment mode: Microservice

How can I fix this issue?


I have same problem about loki and its very strange!!!

Our write performance is very good but read performance and queries are awful

Please somebody help to know we should rollback to ELK stack or not!

Have the same issue too.

Hey guys! I had this same issue, but found it was caused by the Grafana histogram, we rolled our Grafana back to version 8.3.7 (which doesn’t generate the histogram) and our issue was resolved.