Loki (as Prometheus datasource) getting Job and Filename as a filter / variable for panel

Have Loki as log DB and promtail pushing content (What an marvelous piece of software :+1:). Prometheus as a datasource, to my understanding via LOKI datasource you cannot get list of jobs and files to dashboard variables?

Almost there but not quite.
I can get jobs listed with this query

How to list all File(s) from Loki? and filtered by chosen Job.

Silence… perhaps picture helps. Here are jobs from LOKI, how to get files? (filtered by job)

@jengstro it’s likely you do not need this answer anymore but for others that may come across this as documentation is still sparse, I was able to set the query as such using Loki as source:

label_values({compose_project="$compose_project"}, job)

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