Logs volume with levels

Hi everone!

I am developing my own logs plugin for ClickHouse.

I need to usefull-range logs volume with grouping by levels (errors, info, etc) (and, accordingly, with coloring).

In the current Loki implementations (version 10.3.3), I did not see this feature - all data with grouping by level. Grouping by level (and coloring) only works without full-range.

Is there a possibility (maybe an example) how this can be done (create separate requests for levels or process response and group it there in some way)? Unfortunately, in the current documentation, I did not find any information even about the response format for logs volume ful-range.

I have a “level” label in ClickHouse, but I don’t understand how I can use this attribute in the response of logs volume query.
Now I return the dataframe with attributes “Time” and “Value” only - and it represents as single “gray series”. But I want the data on the graph volumes to be divided by levels.