Logs throught proxy seems to be limited

Hello, I try to send logs with a server which has an access to loki server with a proxy.
When i send my logs and the sum of all the lines on the file exceed 1000, i get error like this :

level=warn ts=2022-02-09T15:22:52.620577017Z caller=client.go:344 component=client host=XXXXXXXXXXXX msg="error sending batch, will retry" status=-1 error="Post \"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX": context deadline exceeded"

When i’m trying to send logs inferior to 1000 lines it’s working.
I have this issue only with my server behind a proxy when i’m trying to send logs exceeded 1000 lines without a proxy it’s working.

Could i do something about this in my configuration of Loki ?

Hi @dutintin87 ,

is this log line from Promtail (or some other log agent) or is this from Loki?

This log line is visible in Promtail.

Then I would look at the proxy settings or batching config for Promtail. I would assume this is not a Loki config thing.

In the proxy, I would look at anything bucket or body size related.

For Promtail, possiby batchwait and batchsize.

I have not seen this particular error message so these are guesses from my part :slight_smile: