Logfmt contains json part

I have a log line that appears:

2022-03-20 20:28:05	
time=0.246s url=/v2/history status=200 req={"changes":["e0acab7e493ece4c1e6ae627ef9f5f7c9b1063e599e4aa91f87f0d58ae", "167eede049629a2ff8d2f19703afa3b04f95a7c5503513f58d28a00280821ac9"]}

In other words: the log is mostly fmt, but one of the keys contain json content.
This makes Grafana complain (“logfmtparser error”)

Can I somehow prepare Loki’s query to NOT be aware or skip trying to parse json part?
My current query is:
{job="$app", hostname="$hostname"} |= "$search" | logfmt

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