Log request headers


How can I see the details of each request Grafana receives, such as the request headers?
I’m using Grafana 9.2 Enterprise on Docker.


what are you trying to resolve?

Hi @yosiasz
I am building the Authorization header in Nginx and then passing it to Grafana.
The token is being passed to Nginx as a query string parameter named custom.

So here’s the thing:

set $auth_header 'Bearer $arg_custom';
proxy_set_header Authorization $auth_header;
proxy_pass http://grafana;

When doing so, Grafana returns Invalid Basic Auth Header.
But if I hard-code the header value, like proxy_set_header Authorization "Bearer jg598jmg9584jm09ey4"; it works fine.

That’s why I would like to see what’s Grafana receiving.
I already know Nginx builds it correctly, because I put a add_header X-Token $auth_header; response header and it contains the expected value.

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Check the following