Loading Past Data

Hi All,

while trying to send data into Graphite by using “Plaintext” method, am unable to push the PAST data
To be specific, system is not accepting when tried to send data before 21 days…

Could anyone share the best approach to send the PAST data to graphite

Graphite should be able to backfill data. Are you getting an error?

As we are using plaintext method to insert data - command is executing fine without any errors,But not able to see that particular data point for past data(above 21 days) in Grafana

We backfill a year of data on play.grafana.org - the only logic we have is that we do some aggregation using code to mimic downsampling. (You can see the code for generating fake data for backfilling here)

Is this something to do with your retention policies?

Thanks a lot for your response.

we are executing very basic command to load data -

When we try giving time(epoch date) before 21(3 weeks) days from current value, we are not able to see the data point in grafana report for that particular metric.

We have the data with us , we would need to load past 6 months data and generate a report on top of it.

Major question here is why we not able to back fill just 3 weeks past data with Command ?

Meawhile, will check play.grafana.org for any new methods of loading or for any clue…