Lint Plugin step - Valid License Not Found

Hi all,

I am having difficulties with the plugin publisher CI (release.yml) that came packaged with the starter plugin. It is getting stuck on the Lint Plugin step, specifically it cannot find a valid license. My plugin does not use a typical license (GPL, MIT…) but I do have a modified BSD license called LICENSE in the repository root folder. I am getting the following error from the workflow:

error: Valid license not found
detail: Could not find a license file inside the plugin archive or the provided license is not compatible with Grafana plugins. Please refer to for more information.
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

I am assuming the error arises because of the custom license. What should I do - can I skip the Lint Plugin step or will I get problems when trying to publish to the Grafana plugin repository? Thanks!

Hi Ventura.

You can enable and disable analyzers and rules in the plugin validator by modifying the configuration file.

This is an example of a configuration file that disables the license check:

  enabled: true
  jsonOutput: false
  reportAll: false

    enabled: false

you can pass your own config file in the -config option when you call the pluginvalidator.

I’ve submitted a PR in the plugin validator to update our README file and include this information.

Thanks @estebanbeltran - the problem was that I am using the default CI/CD that came with the Grafana starter plugin, which:

  • Clones the plugin validator and
  • Uses the publishing.yaml configuration file
    • This enables license checking by default

Thank you for your advice. I think one solution is to create a new config file to use locally in my own GitHub CI/CD pipeline, but I think it would still fail when submitting to the plugin repository in But, this might not be something I need to worry about.

FYI, from the default release.yml file:

      - name: Lint plugin
        run: |
          git clone
          pushd ./plugin-validator/pkg/cmd/plugincheck2
          go install
          plugincheck2 -config ./plugin-validator/config/publishing.yaml ${{ steps.metadata.outputs.archive }}

There are some artifacts in here from some bug I experienced where I was stuck using an older version of the create-plugin tool, so many of my files were out of date. I re-built the starter plugin using npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest and migrated my code to those files. Now, the CI uses default.yaml as the configuration file by default. (Also, this step is now called Validate Plugin.)

Regardless, I ended up using a custom config file using on the code you sent. (Replace {path-to-custom} with the configuration file path.)

- name: Validate plugin
  run: |
    git clone
    pushd ./plugin-validator/pkg/cmd/plugincheck2
    go install
    plugincheck2 -config ./{path-to-custom}.yaml ${{ steps.metadata.outputs.archive }}

And this works perfectly on my end. I expect that I will still get errors for invalid license files when submitting this to, but this is a step in the direction I need! Thank you.