Line and bar chart in one with multiple axis legends


how can i define for each Metric a axis? I have temperature (Celsius), status off a device (on/off) and a consumption (kwh).

Thanks for your help - i am a rookie :slight_smile:

Just use the Query Transform and Organise Fields You might have.

thanks - do you have an example for me :innocent:

When you edit any panel you get the Query, Transform and Alert options as shown below


Selecting the Transform option you get Organize fields as shown below. Note the Merge option just above this!

Then select Organize fields a shown below. Here I get a warning as I use several queries which need to first be merged into a single query before you may organize. I assume you only have a single query


Otherwise, you will get as shown below. Now you may rename and reorganize the order of any query variables as you desire.

Hope this helps.

If you have several queries then use the Transform option Merge and it will merge all queries into a single table all with a common timeline. Once you have done this you may then use Organize.

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Many thanks :slight_smile: Thats it

To Merge a JSON Querie sounds a little bit difficult. But i will see

Grafana does it for you! Just select merge and it will merge your queries.