Leave out panels with no data points on dashboard

I’m using a dashboard to view interface traffic of a host. Using dashboard variables and repeated rows I select a host and get a list of graphs containing the traffic of each interface. Some interfaces however are not in use and thus have no data points. I wish to leave these out as it clutters the dashboard with unnecessary graphs.

My variable queries are as follows:

  • Getting list of hosts:
    SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "agent_host" WHERE time > NOW() - 5m

  • Show lists of interfaces for selected host:
    SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY = "ifName" WHERE "agent_host" =~ /$hosts/ AND ("ifName" =~ /Po.*|Eth.*\d+/) AND time > NOW() - 10m

A screenshot of the dashboard has been attached for reference.
If any additional information is required, please let me know :slight_smile: