LDAP Second bind problem

Hi, We’ve been using grafana-4.5.2-1.x86_64, but “Second bind failed” error occurs when a user tried to access. Any idea what could be the issue?

Here is a my grafana.log file and a part of my ldap.toml file.

t=2017-11-06T12:09:56+0900 lvl=info msg="Initializing CleanUpService" logger=cleanup
t=2017-11-06T12:10:02+0900 lvl=dbug msg="Ldap User found" logger=ldap info="(*login.LdapUserInfo)(0xc42057d3b0)({\n DN: (string) (len=81) \"uid=li2802, ou=Accounts, ou=People, o=xxxx.co.jp, o=xxxx-g, dc=xxxx, dc=co, dc=jp\",\n FirstName: (string) (len=6) \"YUSUKE\",\n LastName: (string) (len=8) \"SATONAKA\",\n Username: (string) (len=12) \"里中裕輔\",\n Email: (string) \"\",\n MemberOf: ([]string) {\n }\n})\n"
t=2017-11-06T12:10:02+0900 lvl=info msg="Second bind failed" logger=ldap error="LDAP Result Code 49 \"Invalid Credentials\": "
t=2017-11-06T12:10:02+0900 lvl=eror msg="Invalid username or password" logger=context userId=0 orgId=0 uname= error="Invalid Username or Password"
# Search user bind dn
bind_on = "uid=%s, ou=Accounts, ou=People, o=xxxx.co.jp, o=xxxx-g, dc=xxxx, dc=co, dc=jp"

# Search user bind password
# bind_password = 'grafana'

# User search filter, for example "(cn=%s)" or "(sAMAccountName=%s)" or "(uid=%s)"
search_filter = "(uid=%s)"

# An array of base dns to search through
search_base_dns = ["o=xxxx.co.jp, o=xxxx-g, dc=xxxx, dc=co, dc=jp"]

The password cannot be used or does not work it seems, maybe your ldap is using a password hashing scheme that is not supported

Thanks for your answer @torkel .

Our LDAP Server has {SSHA}xxxxxx formatt hash value.
What kind of hash algorithms are supported?

Not sure, I know some has issues when I implemented ldap 2 years ago