LDAP only works for 1 user

I have Grafana using LDAP successfully for my user. When other users try to log in my LDAP log shows as trying to bind using my user instead of theirs. Also when using “Test user mapping” the same bind happens and it shows info for my user instead of the other users. Grafana is not using my account for LDAP lookups, so that is not the issue. Also I created a test user and added it to the Viewer group via ldap.toml group mapping. I am able to log in as this user, but it actually binds to LDAP as my user and is logged into Grafana as me. Wondering if there is a bug. Any help is appreciated.

Also I am seeing in browser console logs failure to connect to wss://mydomain/grafana/api/live/ws . I have set up NGINX as a reverse proxy using the config from Run Grafana behind a reverse proxy | Grafana Labs

Thanks again in advance for any help.

Update: I think this is something to do with the ldap.toml not liking multiple instances of [[servers.group_mappings]]. I tried with only one of these lines but multiple group_dn & org_role entries, but got error: Key ‘servers.group_mappings.group_dn’ has already been defined."

How do we enter multiple serves.group_mappings properly?

Hoping for some assistance as this issue is still happening. Thank You.