Label value interpreted as number (77e44544 -> ∞)

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I have a metric that has a label value set to a uuid. I’m using label_replace to extract only the first “part” of the uuid (up to the first dash, excluding the dash) and am displaying the original and extracted value alongside eachother in a table.

One of the uuids starts with 77e44544 (which looks like a number in E-notation). This value is being displayed as “∞” in the table, if I display it as a regular legend on a time series panel, its fine.
If I include the dash in the regex so that the values look like (77e44544-) it works but also includes the dash (that I obviously don’t want to see). My guess is that for some reason the label value is interpreted as a number and 77e44544 would be pretty large which is coalesced to the infinity symbol.

I fiddled with the display options and overrides but wasn’t able to figure out how to work around it.
Am I missing a configuration option here or is this a bug? I didn’t want to file a bug too quickly.

I’m using Grafana 7.1.3 on Linux with Prometheus Datasources. Browser is Firefox 79 but I also tried Chromium.

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EDIT: Just figured out that it seems to be okay if I add an override for the field and set its cell display mode to “json view” (which doesn’t sound intuitive). Still pretty sure this is not intended behaviour.

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I confirm that this same bug is present on Grafana 8.1.2.
I was able to work around it by adding an override and setting Unit to String (under Misc).