Label browser No labels found. on Grafana UI Loki datasource ,datasource connection established

I have setup grafana.fluentd and loki monitoring setup for logs visualization its a dockerize but I am getting error "Label browser No labels found " on Loki log explorer
following is the fluentd conf file

@type forward port 10091 bind format none

<filter *.**>
@type record_transformer
enable_ruby true
remove_keys source,container_id,container_name,ts,tsNs

service ${tag_parts[1]}

<match biz1.*>
@type copy

@type loki
endpoint_url “http://ip:3100/loki/api/v1/push
flush_interval 1s
flush_at_shutdown true
buffer_chunk_limit 1m
disable_chunk_backup true
extra_labels {“agent”:“biz1”}

flush_interval 1s
chunk_limit_size 1m
flush_at_shutdown true

<match .>
@type copy

@type file
path /fluentd/ordazzleLog/biz1.%Y-%m-%d.%H:%M:%S.log
time_format %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S
compress gzip

timekey 1d
timekey_use_utc true
timekey_wait 10m # 5mins delay for flush (“300” also available)