Kann keine neuen Dashboards mehr anlagen?

Habe das Problem, dass mir seit heute links in der Menueleiste und oben einige Icons fehlen.
Ich kann keine neuen Dashboards mehr anlagen.

Danke für die Info.

Hast du einen anderen Browser oder Rechner probiert?

(Have you tried using a different browser or computer?)


Hallo Antony,

thank you für your quick answer.

No, I am using only Edge für Grafana on my computer.

But now I tried to start Grafana-Dashboard with Google Chrome and Firefox and I have the same problem, missing the icon in the middle of the dashboard to add a new dash board.
Also on the left side I am missing the menue bar to add new dasboards.

Perhaps could it be a problem with the grafana account ?
I can correct entry with my username and password.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Hallo Atony,

I already could solve the problem.
The reason was, I was signed out.