K6 web dashboard is not being possible bind it with my localhost

Hi guys, could you help me with this please?

I’m trying to get the web dashboard of my k6 scenario and i’m getting this error

ERRO[0000] listen tcp bind address already in use and I don’t have anything running on that address and port.

lsof -i :5665 is giving me non results.

Hey @ivanblancook,

I see you set 5666 as the value for the port. Does it still return the same error?

Why are you setting _HOST var? If you just do the classic K6_WEB_DASHBOARD=true k6 run script.js what does it happen? It should work fine on localhost just with default values.

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Hi @codebien ! It’s not failing now, idk but it’s working. I’ve just restarted my laptop. Anyways thank you a lot for helping me!