K6 runtime error

Hi All,

I’m doing more stress testing, once virtual users goes around 160 I’m getting this error, Seems that memory issue, I want to know exact cause of it ? I’m working on Windows 10 with 5 GB remain in C: drive ;(

runtime: VirtualAlloc of 20971520 bytes failed with errno=1455------]
fatal error: out of memory

This looks like you are running out of ram. Specifically k6 needs another 20mb and your OS can’t provide it.
How much ram do you have ? as 160 VUs shouldn’t take more then 2gb …
You can also take a look at what I proposed in another thread about using the compatibility-mode in k6 (to be released in a new version … this week) which will definetely drop the memory usage :slight_smile:

I’m running with 8GB ram, I did change with options, allow to have response body in order get logging token, could that be a problem ?

Definitely, you could try to enable it only for the requests you need it, with Params.responseType.
Also using compatibility mode after running it through my k6-es6 will definitely drop a lot of the memory usage as well

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