K6 Killed the executions after 133 VUS

This is the Command on Github Action

K6 run smokeTest.js --iterations 200 --duration 100m --vus 199

and its got killed after 133

Hi @dassusovan3, Welcome to the forum :tada:

Give what you provide I would expect that it runs out of memory which given that github machines apparently have 7GB of memory means that you have some pretty heavy VUs and/or use an older version of k6.

You can confirm this by running the command locally (with less VUs) and see how much memory it uses for example with 100 VUs.

I would expect that you either import a lot of js code and/or you have big data files for which you don’t use SharedArray.

If you can provide some additional info on what your script is doing or/and script code, we might be able to give more concrete advice.

Hope this helps you