K6 gRPC with subdirectory

I have my gRPC service running at abc.com/apis/v1. I’m not sure how to provide the subdirectory information while invoking the proto method.

Hey @berylwilson,
can you clarify better what you tried and why it didn’t work, please?

Are you using the reflection or are you injecting the proto file? Streaming or Invoke? For example, for invoke did you read the dedicated documentation?

If you could post a script explaining your attempt that would help a lot, thanks.

Hi, We have a gRPC Service which is routed via Azure Front Door and we have sub directories in calling the actual gRPC service with ingress load balancer. How to pass addtional sub directories when invoking the grpc API?

Hi @rameshnlg,
welcome to the community forum.

It seems to me what you’re asking is not a valid gRPC solution. I may be wrong but I’m not aware that gRPC services support sub-paths.

In the case I’m wrong, please, link me to the official documentation so we may implement the eventual required changes. Thanks.